Hide any face, in any photo.

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Hide any number of faces in your photos automatically.

Here are some of the reasons making QuickRedact unique:

  • State-of-the-art, robust face detection. Automatically detects any face in your photos. Yes, even hundreds.
  • Multiple photo support. You can import as many photos as you like and have them processed all at once.
  • Advanced customization options. Add Emojis, Blur, Pixellation or Shape effects to faces. You can even mix and edit them for each face separately.
  • Lightning fast on-device image processing. Get realtime previews of the final results, thanks to your device's GPU, Neural Engine & Metal. What you see is truly what you get.
  • Completely offline. No network connection required. Your device is perfectly capable for this job, so NOTHING is ever transmitted to internet.
  • Privacy first. As a privacy-focused app, automatically makes sure that ALL metadata is removed from the edited photos, including location, camera information, filenames etc.
  • No tracking / analytics services. Nothing... just an app that is focused on a single task.
  • Crystal clear pricing. No subscriptions, in-app purchases or any hidden fees. Just one time purchase for all your devices, forever.
  • Share Extension. You can easily import any photos to QuickRedact from any app.

QuickRedact is a work of a single developer. If you need help, want to provide feedback or ask for a new feature then please contact me at info@quickredactapp.com. All messages will be responded.

  • All media used in screenshots are under CC0 license. All screenshots have been captured in-app, no external editing applied.